The Heart of Elvis

As a child, I dreamed of someday riding a spirited Arabian. I had no idea that a dependable little Missouri Fox Trotter (nicknamed Elvis) had other plans. Owning horses was on the back burner of life as I raised children, developed a career in the movie-theatre business, and shared dreams with my life partner, Darrell. When the children left home, I suddenly had the time to explore my passion of horses. Living in rural Wyoming, I had the perfect setting to take up a few four-legged pets. Over the span of fourteen years, Jake’s Elvis J would redefine what I thought it took to become a horseman. Through many humorous trials and errors, we learned together. In this journey Elvis also touched the hearts of many others, developing the collection of stories that are shared here. From home life , to trail, to training in the arena and finally performing in the show ring, Elvis adapted in his usual, competent style. These tales show the indomitable spirit that makes up the Missouri Fox Trotter and creates an all-around family friendly, versatile horse.

A Review for  “The Heart of Elvis”

I have found that not all angels have wings.  Some have a mane and tail and a great sense of humor.  Count yourself lucky if you share your life with one.

There are great horsemen and horsewomen if you look around with a sense of awareness and humility.  Count yourself privileged to count one or more among your friends.

There are "kids of all ages" who enjoy the wonder of equines.  Count yourself fortunate to have these folks around you.

Loved ones, consisting of family, friends and new acquaintances of both the two and four foot variety, are what add such meaning to our journey.

If you have experienced any of the above, you will enjoy joining Robynn in the retelling of some of her challenges and joys with the incredible Elvis.

This is a delightful book recounting the various adventures of two genuine icons -- a diva formerly of the corporate world and a grand horse of the West -- both of whom have grown in skills and love through shared experiences.  A great read, a true story which will make you smile, laugh, and nod your head in agreement as you relate their experiences to some of your own.  

You will enjoy meeting Robynn and her extended family, and the incomparable Elvis.  Enjoy!

Suzanne Scott

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